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We have TWO Childcare centres, both based in the New Elgin area. Our small one is situated on Thornhill Road where we have 3-5 funded classes and after school club. Our larger building is on Thornhill Drive adjacent from Linkwood Medical Centre, where we provide all day care for 0-12 years, which includes a 2-3 group, 3-5 Early Learning and childcare funded places, breakfast and holidays clubs.

If you require any information, would like to come for a visit or view our nursery handbook. Please, feel free to get in touch, our receptionist will respond within 24 hours.

Main Building - Thornhill Drive
Small Branch - Thornhill Road

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What does my child need to bring?

On their visits and during their first days, we advise you to provide your child with a comfort from home, e.g teddy, blanket, dummie etc, this will help ease them into nursery. Once your child is familiar with nursery we would advise that these comforts are left at home (unless required for sleep time).


In their bag they should have:

  • Nappies, wipes and cream.
  • A change of clothes (more if toilet training).
  • Change of shoes if toilet training.
  • Indoor shoes or slippers (we prefer children not to wear outdoor shoes, boots or wellie boots indoors).


*Please, ensure all items of clothing are labelled – this will help to minimise lost property. Also, remember children love to get messy at nursery, only provide clothes that can get messy.

What will happen during my child's day?

Prior to enrolment and during your first visit to the nursery, you will be shown around by the room leader. The room leader will explain your child’s daily routine and answer any questions you may have.


Each room has a room leader who together with their team organise fun, stimulating and educational activities for the children to take part in each day. Each area takes into consideration Scottish Government initiatives when planning daily activities.


The 0-3 age group follow the Pre-Birth to Three guidelines which contain 4 key principles:

  • Rights of the Child
  • Respect
  • Relationships
  • Responsive Care


The 3-5 age group follow the Curriculum for Excellence which aims for each child in Scotland to become:

  • Confident individuals
  • Effective contributors
  • Successful learners
  • Responsible citizens


During your child’s younger years (0-2) your child will receive a daily information sheet which lets you know how their day has gone, how much they ate, nappy changes and other relevant information.

What will happen in an emergency?

In an emergency our policy states:

The on duty first aider will access the situation and make the decision to:

A. call 999 (if the accident is life changing or threating)


B. call the parents to take the child to A&E, the parents will decide if they would like to come to the nursery to collect their child or meet staff at A&E.

(where possible the child’s keyworker will make the telephone call)

What if I can't collect my child on time?

If you can not collect your child, you will need to:

  • Find a suitable adult to collect your child and inform them of the password you wrote on your child’s enrolment form.
  • Contact the nursery, stating the approximate time and name of the person who will be collecting your child.


N.B. even though you have informed the nursery, staff will still request the password and may also ask for photographic I.D. If someone different comes to collect your child and we have not been informed we will not allow your child to leave, we will contact you by telephone to confirm that it is ok for your child to leave with this person.

What if my child is ill?


Our infections policy states:


If your child is unwell they should not attend nursery and you should inform the nursery of their illness. Children on antibiotics should stay at home until the course is complete. We will not administer any medication, unless your child becomes unwell during their day. If a child requires medication throughout their day, we advise that they should stay at home, unless this is for non-infectious reasons, such as pain relieve for teething or inhalers for asthma.



Our infections policy states:


If your child becomes unwell during their day we will contact you for permission to administer calpol (if necessary) to ease symptoms until you arrive. We will also contact you to collect your child if your child shows any one the following symptoms: Diarrhoea (2 or more), vomiting, severe stomach pain, a rash or flu like symptoms.

What will my child be given to eat?

All our meals are prepared fresh daily by a fully trained cook.


When we create our menus we consider: parents comments and ideas, we follow the Nutritional Guidance for Early Years and Adventures in Foodland documents.


Full menus are on display in the reception for your viewing.

What if I wish to make a complaint ?

If you have any worries or concerns we ask that you raise them as soon as possible with a member of staff, this is so we can deal with the concern as quickly as possible and ease any worries you may have.


All the staff are here to listen to any concerns you may have, so if you feel most comfortable raising a concern with your child’s keyworker, you may. You can request that the keyworker discusses your concern with management.


Alternatively you might wish to raise your concern with the senior staff member in your child’s room, you can request that your concern is discussed with management.


However, you may also wish to raise your concern directly with management, in wish case you may do so by asking to arrange a meeting with the manager or the director of the nursery.


We do advise that you chose one of the above when raising a concern or making a complaint, however if you are not happy with the way we manage your concern you may also contact:


Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (SCSWIS)


Phone: 0845 600 9527

Post: Compass House, 11 Riverside Drive, Dundee – DD1 4NY